Five years ago, I found myself in a state of crisis. But first, let me backtrack.

I have been married to the love of my life, Steve since 2009, but together since 2007. Steve and I found each other later in life; both previously divorcees; and it was an instant connection when we met. It was like we were on the fast track program after meeting and we knew we had found our person. I inherited two beautiful daughters, and we have a son together born in 2008 (~14 at the time of this post)


Back to the beginning. So we were busy living life, as married couples do, but in 2018, Steve went for some preventative testing due to family history of heart disease and we suddenly found ourselves facing open heart surgery. I know these surgeries are performed daily, but when it is your person, your world comes to a crashing halt. The thought of your person's heart completely stopped and outside of their body during surgery, instantly creates a flood of worry of the 'what ifs'.

Steve's surgery was successful, but post-op, we suddenly found ourselves in a crisis. Steve suffered major complications and after returning to ICU, I remember praying at his bedside, that if he pulled through, I would create a future life of all the things I wanted to do, instead of letting fear hold me back. When your faced head on with mortality, you suddenly realize that life is too short, to hold back on your dreams.