Door Hangers


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Say hello, without interrupting families during dinner time.

Who else has this pet peeve?

A solicitor shows up unwanted when you just walked in the door, kids are hungry, dogs are whining to get out, and someone knocks on the door? Yep, I don't like that scenario either. We have the solution. Our door hangers are a perfect way to introduce yourself, without being irritating, or getting lost in a sea of junk mail.

The difference you're supporting a small business, who understands business. 

Stacey is a Brand Expert with 20+ years experience in sales, marketing, branding, headshots + brand photography*. 

Rather than choosing from a template, she will take your ✨wishlist✨ and create something that will speak to your target audience.

Your full service package includes:

  • Full design services for a double sided 8.5"x3.5" door hanger 
  • Proof(s) for approval (including 2 revisions**)

Turnaround time is approximately 7 business days after proof is finalized. 

*If you need updated brand photography or headshots, please visit Stacey in her zone of genius at

**If more revisions & design time is needed based on customer changing their minds, hourly design time of $40 per half hour, will be added to final invoice.